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After competing on the UK professional golf tours, Josh and Scott decided to use their on hand experience, and key sporting insights to bring their passion for sport and travel into fruition, combining the two to create JOTT Sports Tours.

Josh and Scott have experience playing golf across the globe in both a social and professional environment.

Josh and Scott believe that their experience playing, practicing, and spectating in numerous sports worldwide gives them the experience to create tours bespoke to the users needs.

Play Tours

Playing Tours are organised bespoke to the touring parties needs. We have a large database of clubs and venues across the globe to guarantee that we match the type of game/fixture that you’re looking for.


Cricket Play Tours

Golf Play Tours

Train Tours

Training tours are designed bespoke to the player or team. Are you looking for some warm weather pre-season practice with tournament play included upon request? Or a boot camp style regime, inclusive of professional one on one tuition?

We have a large database of venues and facilities and will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

If you would like any further information or to discuss a training camp – Please get in touch.


Cricket Train Tours

Golf Train Tours

Spectate Tours

Spectator tours are designed bespoke to your requirements. We can arrange all types of excursion around the perfect spectating itinerary.

If you would like more information or to book your spectator tour – Please get in touch.


Cricket Spectate Tours

Golf Spectate Tours

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